How To Protect Your Car From Keyless-Entry Hacks | Red Deer 24/7 Locksmith

Key-less entry is considered an effective way that ensures additional security. Both active and passive entries are convenient methods and are practiced successfully in automotive locks. Due to embedded chips, these security systems offer more security than traditional keys. In order to start a car, chip signatures are needed. Moreover, installing key-less locks doesn’t mean that your car is fully secured. With the oncoming of advanced technologies, thieves have started following advance break-in methods that leads to the failure of passive locks.

Few ways used by thieves to burgle a car are:

1. Passive Signal Amplification  :  Passive entry works with the help of a lImage result for Passive Signal Amplification thieves to burgle a carow frequency signal that’s emitted by the car. This signal has a very short range. When the car key detects this frequency, an authorization code is sent that allows the vehicle doors to unlock.

Thieves have already found a device that can amplify the range of these signals. This amplification allows the keys to connect from a farther distance. For example, the key may be placed inside a house while the car has been locked on the street. Thieves can steal the vehicle just by amplifying signal that will unlock the door.

2. Brute Force Hacks  :  Brute Force is a popular algorithm that involves visiting [0- Mn] combinatioImage result for Brute Force Hacksns for a particular series. In case of auto-mobile locks, there are trillions of code combinations that exists between the car and key. At a particular time, only few codes are valid. Now, it can be said that there are hundreds of codes in air that are transmitted from various vehicles.

Thieves follow this brute force technique by simply sending out millions of code transmissions. In case a right code hits the car, the doors will get unlocked. This method is achieved by increasing the encryption level.

3. Non-Hack Workarounds  :  These clever tricks cannot be exactly called as hacks. In these methods, burglars use illegal devices such as, frequency jammers that can Image result for Non-Hack Workarounds thieves to burgle a carblock the code transmissions. A driver will lock the car, but it won’t get locked due to blocked frequencies. Since the car stays unlocked, a thief can easily access it. The other common method is cloning the keys and reprogramming the security system.

Hacking key-less entry is not at all a difficult task. Therefore, one should offer extra protection by parking their vehicle in an access free garage or a paid parking lot. In case, you notice an improper working lock, get it repaired soon by an expert automotive locksmith. Red Deer 24/7 Locksmith is a reputed lock installation company in Red Deer that offers reliable residential, commercial and automotive locksmith solutions at affordable prices.


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