4 Tips How To Avoid Locksmith Scams

Image result for How To Avoid Locksmith ScamDuring an embarrassing and frustrating situation of being locked out of a home, the person most needed is an emergency locksmith. Only he can help you get inside in a proper and safe manner. All you need to have is the contact number of a local locksmith who can offer prompt response. In case, you don’t have the details of a Red Deer residential locksmith, try to find a trustworthy and reliable company that can help you in this urgent need.

There are various locksmith scammers that are desperate of helping home-owner and then, over charge them for emergency services. Moreover, they are both unskilled and unlicensed. Its quite crucial to be careful, while calling in an unknown lock technician for the first time to avoid any type of scam.

Few tips that can help in avoiding lock scams are:

1. Look for a local locksmith  :  The best option to go with during an urgent neImage result for Look for a local locksmithed is choosing a reliable local locksmith. To find one, start searching from your local area. Call all major locksmith companies and ask them few easy questions to find the most efficient one. Be aware of frauds, as there are many lock technicians, who are always ready to take an advantage of your situation. It is advised to find a company with a local address and business.

2. Check license  :  After a locksmith reaches your place, ask him to show his identity card Image result for Check license  locksmithand license. If he arrives in an unmarked vehicle, be extra careful. Almost all licensed companies have a master security license number that is displayed on their vehicle sign-age. If you cannot find it, do enquire and ask the company if they have sent a technician with the given identity or not.

3. Image result for Ask for a costAsk for a cost  :  While making a call to a locksmith company about their service hours, do ask them the price they charge for a prompt service. The cost involved depends both on your situation and location. Be aware of the companies that have hidden prices.

Image result for Don’t let him drill the lock4. Don’t let him drill the lock  :  Whether you are locked out of your home or vehicle, an unskilled lock technician will insist you to get the lock replaced or drilled. Lock drilling is the only option to open up a high security lock. An expert locksmith will never drill or damage the lock, without applying all other unlocking techniques.

These were the few ideas to save yourself from locksmith scams. Do remember that a trusted locksmith company provides uniform and marked vehicles to their technicians, before sending them to deal with an emergency. Red Deer 24/7 Locksmith is a local locksmith company in Red Deer that offers top quality lock installation, repair and replacement solutions for all sorts of residential and commercial lock needs.


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